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Friday, June 3rd, 2016.
I made a quick video this evening while eating a late supper of eggs benedict (vegan!) and this was after having an evening bath. It was a hot day again and I had strange dreams. My schedule is topsy-turvy as I try to get myself into some kind of routine (I'm using the daily goals checkbox sheet method again) and it's messed about by how I'm feeling, affected by the weather and other such things. I'm likely to get into a better routine as I adapt, get proper sleep, eat better, drink more water, more fluids, get some exercise and relax.

11:23pm Not sure how I'm going to get my 750 words typed tonight since I've no idea what to write and I'm still tasting how yummy supper was and not really thinking about how I should be writing to meet the daily word count goal. I'm also thirsty which could be another reason why I'm not able to settle down and do this right now.

11:27pm I'm back with mango juice mixed with filtered water from the fridge. I can do this. I just have to type even though I don't know what to write because the important thing is to get back into the practice of writing every day. The good writing days will happen once I get back into the swing of it. Don't stress. Just write.

11:33pm And then I wandered off to YouTube. Talk about getting sidetracked.

Vincent and Pekoe are in the bedroom with husband and the two kittens (Smudge and Chai) are behind me on a cat tower. Everyone's tired out from playing with a box and shoe string and running about everywhere. The kittens are growing but wow, Chai is still so tiny in comparison to Smudge. It's also neat to see how they compare to Vincent & Pekoe - and now we're at the point where all four of the cats will be around each other on the floor when husband comes home or if there is something particularly interesting going on and they're all wanting to be part of it somehow.

It's a relief that they've all taken up so well with one another. There is playtime and some accepting licks and nose touching between all cats. I think the kittens have taught the big cats how to be even more loving. Vincent and Pekoe have both decided to meow like kittens to get attention now and then but that's not surprising, since they've seen it work for the little ones.

That said, husband bought an air purifier of sorts that is located just beside the hallway when coming into the rest of the apartment living space. It is to help with the dust from kitty litter and such. We scoop and sweep and there is way more frequent vacuuming done to keep the place nice. It's worth it though. We could have used an air purifier anyway, what with my love for incense sticks. We'll see how it works. It's the type that you can clean the filter in your kitchen sink and let it dry in the dish rack before putting it back in. I think that's nifty and cost effective, especially considering it's likely to need cleaning often.

11:53pm Almost out of time for typing today's words but if I keep going and don't stop, I can make it. Just a couple hundred words of rambling about how I have to get the words typed before midnight and then I'll be done with it until tomorrow. Honestly, it's a relief to not feel all fired up about something that the words are written faster than my mind can think to type them. It would be exhausting to be writing at that level of intensity every day, I would think, though I wouldn't know. Maybe I'd feel incredible if I did, I don't know. It hasn't happened to me yet. I don't think it could. It wouldn't be emotionally sustainable. I could see it maybe happening if I knew I didn't have much time left or if I felt that I had something important to say or if an idea was bursting out of me but other than that, I'm probably going to have this pattern of writing easier on some days and finding it more difficult on others. It's just one of those things that sometimes the difficult subject matter can be easier to write than the fluffy light stuff of every day.

11:57pm Phew, I made it to 750 words. New writing streak continues. I'm relieved.
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