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Let's pretend I'm fearless. I went on a date this evening. First meeting, lasted from approximately quarter to six until about ten after nine. We met at the coffee shop but both ditched our drinks at the boardwalk. He, because he didn't want to be hyped up on coffee when he has work tomorrow morning and me, because I didn't want to carry around my big drink (why did I order it?!) so yeah, a bit of a waste there. I'm missing that coffee-like beverage now, I tell you. So anyway, we talked on the phone yesterday for a couple hours, thereabouts, and thought it went rather well and planned a date for the next day. Sort of planned. We messed that part up to the point where we almost didn't meet at all but thankfully, it worked out. Where there's a will, eh?

I didn't get to foursquare check-in anywhere! I tried once we left the coffee place but my phone froze up and then after that while walking along the beach I didn't even bother. Too bad as I find it encouraging to look back and see when I left the apartment and actually went somewhere and did something. It's a positive reinforcement tool for a recluse, in my opinion. Sure, the points mean nothing and mayorships count for squat but it seems to help me with momentum when I'm getting out more, to see myself 'checking in' - make sense?

The sun was shining when I stood outside waiting for my date to arrive but by the time we were a block or so from the beach, rain and hail was coming down. It got colder and the wind was slapping us in the face with pellets of rain. We went to the pavilion near Leuty Lifeguard Station for shelter and had a few moments of talking on the bench. The rain stopped and sun was out so we started walking again. Wandered various streets in my neighbourhood. I bought gum at the variety store. Went along Queen Street to Ivan Forrest Gardens and sat on a bench down in there by the rock water pond that isn't turned on yet. That's where the first kiss happened. He surprised me with it.

After that, more walking. Making out in the backseat of a vehicle, fully clothed and in our coats. Mad physical attraction. Steamed up the windows. I'd say, "like we were teenagers" but that's not something I ever got to experience as a teen, so... And then he was a gentleman and walked me home. And then we hung out for about an hour. Oh! When he walked me to the steps, he asked to see me again, in different words, and I got shy and turned my head because I knew I was smiling like a dork. Of course, yes.

He likes documentaries!

Yeah, I know this is pretty recent after the last guy but what am I supposed to do? Pine? I've been ready to spend time with someone, to share myself and enjoy together times. I'd much rather do that than continue to feel sorry for myself for yet another not-going-my-way thing in life. I didn't get to enjoy the afterglow of the good date for long - text messages were waiting for me - apparently, I'm to receive my book back in the next few days. (sigh & what timing)

[Toronto, Ontario, Canada / 24 April 2012]
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