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the night time is the right time to... write.

The other night I decided to create my own wallpaper by putting leftover Toronto photograph prints on the wall of the entrance hallway. Paint or actual wallpaper would be great but this works, too, plus I'm curious to see how it will look when it's finished. I've lived in this apartment over three years so why not continue to make it eccentrically colourfully mine? It's not like I plan to move anywhere else anytime soon so something like this isn't that extreme. I like that I'm becoming settled enough here that I'm thinking up these creative things for my environment. I like this apartment. It's not the biggest or the best one I've ever had but it's the one I've settled in the most and seem to be doing more with as time goes on. My three year anniversary of living in this apartment was January 15th but this month, in May on the 17th will mark FOUR years of moving to Toronto. Incredible, isn't it? All the things that have happened... and I still feel new here with so much yet to see and experience. I say it again - regardless of struggles, loss, hardship and difficult choices - I'm grateful to be here.

Last night I used the excuse of taking something out to the trash to get a look at the "supermoon" - i love me a full moon, always have - and I suppose I wanted to feel part of something by at least taking a peek at it. It would have been better to see it on the 4th - the night before - but I haven't been out in a few days. Also would have been better had I walked down the street to the pier and stood there out on the lake to see the moon gloriously shining over the water but I knew I wasn't quite up for that just yet. It was a rough couple days (physically, not mentally!) but a good thing to come out of it is that I swept & mopped the floors thoroughly? Too Much Information but three words: blood.splatter.analysis. There was also that time I passed out on the toilet for an hour (slept with my head to the wall). Thank god, my best friend has a key. Also, oh my god, my best friend has a key.

supermoon & streetlights.
"supermoon" (& streetlights)

[Toronto, Ontario, Canada / 05 May 2012]

I receive such great snail mail, I really do (& have over the years) and I think that soon I must schedule my time so that I devote a certain number of hours to replying to postal mail. When I was younger, aside from intense correspondence with a best friend I had for a number of years, I also had several pen pals - ones of various degrees of friendship - and then in later years I exchanged postcards (a LOT of postcards) and I kept that up for quite some time but then slacked off due to life stuff, finances and falling out of habit. It gets to a point where the backlog of un-replied letters becomes overwhelming. There was a time (especially when I moved to the pig farm as a teenager or when I lived in Glencoe as a factory worker) those letters & such meant the world and I replied diligently, regardless! I know some amazing people and though I've lost contact with some, there are still many out there who reach out and I want to reach back and let them know I care and what their words and gestures mean and meant to me. The art of letter-writing and snail mail communication is not dead, regardless of how much money the Postal Services have lost over the years with the popularity of the internet. If it comes down to it, I know that an underground system of pony express riders of some sort or another (likely cyclists?) would keep snail mail alive. I just know it. It's not dead. Letters breathe more life than even these words you read on this screen, any passion you feel conveyed through a blog post, twitter, whatever --- it still doesn't surpass that book in your hands, the postcard, the letter on paper, the zine - something was made and touched by another human being and it's in your hands. Yes, time management. Going to work on that a bit more. Letters and journals mean ever so much to me. I will prioritize. Yes?

Listening to a lot of music lately. I was going to suggest several songs but then I re-watched last year's 'Fright Night' and when the closing credits began I remembered how much I love this cover...

Hugo ~ '99 Problems' [Link]

I posted this entry a couple hours later than expected in the morning when a twist & turn of events had someone contact me on AIM (we took the convo to Skype) and I won't say anything more because I'm stunned and still without enough information to know what exactly is going on but wow. Very wow.
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three years
we have lived in this house going on 23 years-it is the longest I have lived in one place-Carol and I celebrate 33 years of being married on the 19th of May-most of our married life has been lived out in this house-time keeps zooming by-I use to have pen pals years ago-there came a time when I had nothing to write because I did not do anything-I still have nothing to write-it is a blessing though receiving a personal letter-peace Jonny
Re: three years
But you do have something to write! You write every day! & yes, it is a blessing to receive personal letters and snail mail, I agree.